Great Personalized Gag Gifts To Mail That Grouchy Someone In Your Life

Do you know someone who is chronically crotchety and never smiles? Perhaps they are just nasty by nature, or maybe they are just simply misunderstood. Whether the person you are thinking of is a parent, coworker, neighbor, or even your boss, getting them to smile or actually crack a laugh may seem nearly impossible. You can make someone’s day by sending them a completely ridiculous yet personal gag gift that is so strange, it’s awesome. Here are some ideas to make the grouch in your life a happier person, if only for a moment.

Personalized potato

Yes, you can actually send someone a message via vegetables–namely, a potato. There are companies that can actually print an image or a sweet (or goofy) message on a real potato and then send it to the lucky recipient. It’s hard not to burst into laughter when you open your mailbox and see a huge spud staring back at you, especially when it’s emblazoned with a personal message.

Glitter delivery

If a potato seems a bit out of your realm of fun, why not send someone a bag of glitter? Just make sure the message you send with this gag gift tells the recipient you actually think of them fondly so they smile for weeks on end as they clean up stray glitter off their floors for seemingly forever. Known as ‘glitter bombs’, ‘glitter grenades’ and other fun terms, sending someone glitter in an envelope is a great way to remind them to lighten up. You can send this gag gift anonymously if you wish to make a person wonder who would send them such a quirky gift.

Butterfly in a box 

If you really want to make a recipient smile, then ship them a butterfly in a box. Companies usually ship next-day for guaranteed safety of the insects, so when the person you want to cheer up opens their package, they will be surprised and hopefully delighted by the many creatures fluttering right in their face. Even better, companies that ship butterflies will usually only ship species that are native to the areas they are being sent to, so the creatures don’t need to be worried about after they are released.

If you want to make someone who is habitually grouchy smile for a second or for weeks on end, you can mail them a surprising personalized or special gift that they would never expect. From a message on a potato to a lovely box of butterflies, you can tell someone that you are thinking of them in unique ways and have a positive impact on their life. Contact a company like Sweet Potato Express for more information.