3 Things You Need For A Perfect Rustic Theme Wedding Reception

If you are a simple bride-to-be, then you may want to plan a rustic style wedding reception. A rustic theme refers to anything from a country, garden or vintage style setting. You can take this theme and make it your own personal style. Here are three things you need for the perfect rustic theme wedding reception.

Choose A Location

Choosing the right location is essential to making your rustic wedding a reality. It should be an outdoor setting to really get the feel of nature and simplicity. Good locations would be a farm, beach, national park with tall trees or a barn.

A rustic wedding is not as lavish as traditional weddings. The underlying point is to incorporate nature and all of its beauty in your special day.

Find The Perfect Decorations

It is time to focus on decorations after finding your location. The main focus of rustic wedding reception decorations is the furniture and adding unique extras. If you are having your wedding in an outdoor setting, then the venue may not come with furniture. However, this is not a bad thing. You should check into rustic furniture rentals.

Renting your furniture allows you to choose the pieces and control your budget. If you are having your wedding in a farm or barn setting, then you can start by renting farm tables. For a country theme, you should get the long farm tables.

If the farm has horses, then you want to set the farm tables up near the fence. The horses create a really nice backdrop. Vintage trunks can be added to the end of the tables. You can also add glass lanterns to the tables for the centerpieces. It helps to research and find decorations that reflect you and your fiancĂ©’s personalities.  

Make Homemade Wooden Signs

Homemade wooden signs are a way to add a personal touch and give a rustic feel. The best thing is the signs can be put anywhere. You can put wooden signs at the entrance that point to the direction of the wedding reception. Another way to incorporate wooden signs is to hang them over the food tables. You can use the wooden signs to identify the different tables.

A wedding allows a couple to confess their love before their loved ones. Most family and friends want to be a part of your moment. Going with a rustic theme allows family and friends to pitch in with the planning. Click here for more information about rustic furniture rentals.