How To Plan A Memorable Wedding Reception For Your Daughter

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that your little girl was playing dress-up in your high heels and your jewelry? Now that the years have gone by and she is getting married, it may even seem surreal for you. Planning her wedding and the reception that follows is probably at the top of your priority list. Here are some ideas that might help you to plan something unique and memorable for the bride and groom and for all of the guests.

The Location – Do you know for sure where the wedding and the reception will be held? You certainly have several options.

  • Consider having the ceremony at the church where you attend worship services. There may also be a fellowship hall where the reception can be held.
  • Perhaps your daughter would prefer a garden wedding, either in your own back yard or at a special place in the countryside. If so, think about renting a party tent and about securing temporary flooring for dancing at the reception.
  • Another idea is to rent a banquet hall where both the wedding ceremony and the reception can take place.

The Decorations – Does your daughter want something fun and casual or elegant and traditional decor?

  • For a fun and casual theme, consider decorative birdhouses or colorful lanterns for the centerpieces. Another idea is to select something sentimental like her Barbie dolls all dressed up in their own wedding dresses or her collection of Teddy Bears wearing wedding veils and holding little bouquets of flowers.
  • If your daughter has decided on an elegant theme you can’t go wrong with floral arrangements that include her wedding colors. White, metal or crystal candlesticks tied with ribbons would also be very traditional.
  • Whether you go with a casual or an elegant theme, a nice touch is to include pictures of the bride and groom as part of the decor.

The Entertainment – Besides food that will be served at the wedding reception, think about things that will make the entertainment unique.

  • If you could get the attendants to participate in a special musical number, that would be truly different and fun. For example, the groomsmen could sing something like This Guy’s In Love With You or I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face to the bride. The bridesmaids singing a classic like Whole Lotta Love or Faithfully would surely delight everybody in attendance.
  • Instead of the bride and groom tossing the bouquet and the garter belt, consider having a game where the winner takes it. For example a circle of bachelors tossing the garter from one man to the next until the music stops would be fun.
  • Of course, having a DJ at the wedding reception would be the frosting on the cake. Be sure to select a DJ who has all the bells and whistles, like lighting, that will make things even more festive. Also, make sure that the DJ knows how to correct any mechanical failures that could happen. Consider asking the DJ to play music from the 1940s through present day. A great touch would be to find out the songnot only for the bride and groom, but for both sets of parents to make the dancing especially memorable for them.Find out ahead of time if the DJ has special activities or games that will be used to get couples on the dance floor and make sure that the DJ is comfortable being a sort of master of ceremonies during the dance time.

Consider showing a continuous video or slides of the bride and groom in a different room close to the main event where friends and family can also leave gifts and where they can sign the guest book.