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Four Tips For Designing Your Custom Tattoo

Creating your own custom tattoo design is an exciting process, but it can also be nerve-wracking. After all, you’re trying to design something that will become a permanent part of your self-expression! Don’t worry – these four tips will help you through the process. 1.) Decide Where You Want The Tattoo When you talk to […]

Pre-Ceremony Pictures: Tips For Helping Your Wedding Photographer Capture Those Early Moments

When you’re planning your wedding, the time and effort you put into setting up the photography is just as important as the work you put into planning the ceremony itself. Your wedding photography is the most reliable way to capture those moments forever. In fact, images taken while everyone is getting ready before the ceremony […]

4 Shortcuts To Becoming A Rap Superstar

In their song, Rap Superstar, Cypress Hill famously rapped “So you wanna be a rap superstar and live large?” It’s the dream of every aspiring rap artist to achieve stardom, or at least a healthy fan following. Many fail to achieve success, yet creating a booming rap career is within reach for those willing to learn […]